Our regular meditation schedule

Our meditation ceremonies are held mostly in Finnish. Still, all the chants are sung in English and many of the texts are read in English. Because the meditation itself does not require any particular language, anyone familiar with the SRF meditation techniques is warmly welcome to meditate with us.

We meditate every other Friday for an hour starting sharply at 17:00 at Vironkatu 7 C 2, Helsinki. It is essential to arrive in time. Every one needs time to calm down before the meditation and even more importantly, the street gates close promptly at 17:00 and hence it is impossible to enter late.

Please note that we have two annual breaks in our schedule: one during the summer and the other  one between mid December and the birthday of Paramahansa Yogananda. If you happen to be in town near these times, it may still be worth contacting us by e-mail.

More information about the special ceremonies, retreats and occasional other meetings can be inquired by e-mail from srf.helsinki (at-sign) gmail.com.